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A Year of Growth and Progress

Classical Roots Christian School is delighted that our school is gaining local recognition largely through word of mouth. We have had so much interest in our school that we have decided to create a CRCS blog. We will update our blog at least once a quarter. It will be on our website, and we will share it through social media and email. We encourage you to help spread the word and share this bog with family and friends.

Students and staff attend a weekly Chapel service, lead by Nick McBride, School Board Treasurer.

We are pleased that three weeks into our enrollment timeline we have already surpassed our student count from last fall when we launched. We have already filled one kindergarten classroom and have decided to offer a second kindergarten due to parental interest.

Additionally, our primary grades have a very few limited spots available for the 2024/25 school year. The Fort Wayne area has warmly received our unique educational option. During this inaugural year we have begun to lay the foundations of a unique school culture that is committed to helping our families anchor their student’s education on a biblical world view and raise men and women of virtue. Our school is built on four key foundational words. They

are: Christian, Classical, Hybrid, and Rigor. If you are looking for a fresh approach to education Classical Roots Christian School might be a great alternative. Please review the "Before You Apply" section on our website for important details about our school that we want each prospective family to know and consider. Thank you, Fort Wayne, for the warm reception to education being done with a new a unique partnership between teachers and parents. Our best days are clearly ahead of our school.

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