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  • Where will CRCS meet?
    Headwaters Church (2000 N Wells Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46808)
  • When will CRCS meet?
    Monday and Wednesday throughout the traditional school year mid-August to mid-May.
  • What grades does CRCS offer?
    Kindergarten through 4th grade for 2023/2024 school year (launch year). An additional grade will be offered each subsequent year.
  • How long should I expect my students to spend on academics during at-home days?
    This varies depending on each student’s grade level, work style and capability.
  • How much hands-on help and instruction is required from the parent during at-home days?
    This also depends on each student’s age and capability. CRCS will provide guidelines to our parents helping them realize appropriate levels of involvement for each student’s grade level and needs.
  • How is CRCS different from home schooling?
    In homeschooling, parents bear responsibility for the entire educational process from curriculum choice, lesson planning, instructing, grading, and recordkeeping. In a collaborative, hybrid academic model, the curriculum, lesson plans, teaching, grading, and recordkeeping are managed by the school, allowing parents to participate in the most enjoyable part of education: co-teaching. Students receive a top-quality education through excellent curriculum taught by caring teachers, and parents experience the joy of facilitating learning without the pressure to manage the entire educational process.
  • How much money should I plan to spend on curriculum and books?
    For the initial year of attending CRCS the investment in curriculum will be approximately $450. Many of these materials are non-consumable and utilized across different levels (grades), thus can be used by multiple children in a household.
  • How can I find out more about CRCS?
    Email or call the school office for a dedicated tour with a school administrator. School tours last 30 minutes and are scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays. 260-437-6165
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