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Classical Roots Christian School partners with parents in educating their children with academic excellence and a Biblical worldview.


Classical education is a time-tested, three-stage approach to learning. By focusing on the natural development of children’s learning, the emphasis within these three stages adjusts accordingly.

  1. The Grammar Stage (K-6) is focused on the accumulation of knowledge. Children at this developmental stage are particularly strong at memorizing facts. With this in mind, attention is given to the accumulation of knowledge and facts around a wide range of subjects and topics. The questions of who, what, where, and when are emphasized during the grammar stage, and memorization is an important part of their learning.

  2. The Logic Stage (7-8) is a fun time for engaging students in their understanding. An important focus during the logic stage is helping students learn to reason well by developing critical thinking skills. Learning to recognize sound arguments and ideas and detect incorrect and false ideas is a key goal. Questions emphasized during the logic stage are how and why.

  3. The Rhetoric Stage (9-12) is focused on wisdom. Classical education culminates in this very exciting stage of learning. Utilizing their knowledge and understanding, students grow in their ability to persuade convincingly and clearly through speaking and writing. Also important in the rhetoric stage is the development of leadership skills and opportunities for leadership engagement.


A Christian education does more than inform a student’s worldview. It seeks to bring students to an awareness that mankind was created in God's image, and our purpose in this life is ultimately to serve God and enjoy a relationship with Him forever. Ultimately Christian Education should lead the heart of a student to recognize that Christ is the only firm foundation in life and death.


Hybrid education combines the expertise and accountability of a structured environment with the flexibility and nurturing of a homeschool.  Students attend class on campus with capable teachers two days per week and receive detailed at-home assignments to complete under the guidance of their parents.

Image by Kimberly Farmer

2023-2024 Year

The 2023/24 launch year of CRCS intends to offer kindergarten through 5th grade, with additional grades being offered in each subsequent year. 

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